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GPRS(General Packet Radio Service) is packet oriented mobile data service on 2G and 3G Network. GPRS providing globalization system for mobile communication. we are giving a facility integration of online system with gprs. It helps to connect the custoomer with business. It also provide online communication with custoomer and business together time saving approach.

GPRS Printer Implementation for Online Food Ordering

How to make a GPRS Printer work with your Website?

First, you need to buy a GSM SIM card with GPRS internet function from a telecom carrier.The second is to make GPRS settings via menu in SMS Printer or a settings software on PC. GPRS settings includes:
  • After finished these settings, when there are orders in website, the printer will automatically download and print the orders.
  • Be noted:
  • Other features:
  • How We to GPRS Installation ?
    GPRS Printer begins to Initialize …
    GPRS Printer begins to Initialize …
    1. GPRS APN: